Friday, May 22, 2009

Mein Zimmer.
Am Freitag Abend.
Irgendwann im Mai.
Irgendwann in meinem Leben.

Irgendwie geht es alles ganz gut grad. Heute habe ich tollste Gespräche geführt, und auch nicht so tolle, aber irgendwie waren sie ausgeglichen. Das Unangenehme mit dem Angenehmen. So ist es Ying und Yang. Durch den Bauch geatmet, durch den Kopf gefühlt, durchs Herz kam es heute in einem Gespräch. Überraschende Begegnungen sind die schönsten. Y yo he aprende mucho espanol este tarde (keine Ahnung wie das mit der Vergangenheit geht...)...ich verstehe aber wirklich so manches, und das freut mich!

Und jetzt funktioniert sogar das Internet von irgendwoher in meinem Zimmer!
Und ich habe Erdbeeren als Versüssung der Nacht!

Monday, May 04, 2009 small addition to the previous post: this months word is warmth. I relate to it as it is warmth I need for my cough to go away and it is warmth I want to cultivate between me and my Love, it is warmth he gives me when we turn off the light in the night and sleep with the angels once more...warmth, May, warmth!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

My May...
I feel like someone out there is seeing something to support me. I so feel strange this month. Its the quiet after the storm. The sadness of having to let go of my heart projects intense time with all the beauty it brought...letting go can take on strange formats, but out of it comes love and truth and clarity. Honesty. I am honestly tired right now. But I can also say I am honestly me. And honestly, if you re going to meet me now or tomorrow: I will be honest with you! That aint pretty sometimes, but it is true. And I have to learn how to live it in such a way that one truth, one honesty, makes space for the next, and isnt a bomb that splatters into a fake harmony and scares away all the people...honesty can be so choleric when it comes as a surprise, I want mine to be sanguinic, flegmatic, melancholic and only a quarter choleric!

Wiae man making my horoscope (and all other sag's)
Our world teaches us to focus on the physical and mental trappings of life and all but disregard the matter of soul. Of course, soul is controversial in nature; the true structure of the human psyche is only known in theory and from limited experience, and is not proven. Even if we acknowledge the existence of this quality of being, you cannot teach soul in a classroom or lecture hall; very few practitioners can make contact with it in a workshop; it does not lend itself well to being written about or illustrated. Hence, since it doesn’t come as a song lasting under three minutes, it can’t get the airplay that it deserves. At this moment, your very existence is broadcasting the essence of your soul energy, and by that I mean the people around you (both locally and energetically) can feel this happening. The connection you are developing is to your sense of purpose, your sense of place and most of all, deciphering your original instructions for this incarnation. You may be manifesting this as feeling like your mind is glowing with blue light; you may feel like you’re walking on clouds; you may wonder why you’re feeling so strange. Yes, in this world, beautiful can be a little weird, but we both know that’s how you like it.

May the sun shine for all of you, may it tell you "be honest", "be yourselves", like the sun always is!